Who are BeaverFit

BeaverFit was born in 2010.  There was no conscious decision to start a company fabricating and selling training equipment, it just evolved through the necessity of the founder - Tom Beaver - to get fit and ready to take on one of the most arduous endurance challenges out there... The Arch to Arc.

Tom built himself a rig in his spare time, whilst working for the family bridge building business as a welder fabricator. This got noticed by a few of Toms contacts, and after a few rather more successful meetings than Tom expected, the business began to grow.

In 2012, as the Olympics in London began, BeaverFit came up with the Container Gym, and a demo model was dropped on site for all the military working security at the Olympics to use.

The rest as they say, is history....


BeaverFit now supply fitness equipment to military units all over the world, and with our close working relationship with special forces units, we have delivered bespoke physical and tactical training equipment to ensure they can be as good as we need them to be.

Based just outside Church Stretton on an old farm, we have a small set up that delivers big results. Our tight knit team love raising to the challenge of different jobs, both domestically in the UK, and overseas.

With major gyms all over the world kitted out with BeaverFit rigs, we have really made a name for ourselves as leading fabricators of quality steelwork. Our clients include, Soho House, AMEX, Google, John Lewis, 1Rebel, Gym Box, and many more.

BeaverFit now also deliver tactical training solutions to the military, from single container conversions to entire villages, combining both physical and tactical training elements.

This all leads to our key message:

Prepare - Train - Execute.